Welcome to SongBird LandCare!

January 07, 2012

SongBird takes flight

Welcome to the SongBird LandCare blog.  I hope you will check in from time to time.  It is from here that I will impart my wisdom upon the world, and invite you to share yours.

I founded SongBird LandCare, Inc. in October of 2011 after losing a job and discovering that my wisdom isn’t wanted by everyone.

There were a number of reasons, other than being jobless, which contributed to my decision of starting a business.  First, it was a dream that I’d begun to dwell on more and more.  I had been in business for a period of fifteen years once before, and I’d really begun to appreciate what I no longer had. Secondly, as “heavy” as it sounds, I believe it to be the best way for me to impact my environment in the way that I feel “called” to, in as far as my career is concerned.  There’s a lot that goes into that statement, and I’ll talk about some of that in the weeks ahead.

I hope that you’ll follow my blog.  I know there is a lot of junky blogs out there, so I’ll try to make this one worth your time.

In the coming days, I’ll share some of my philosophical beliefs and share where I stand on some of those touchy issues related to landscapes and natural resources.  That way you can decide early if you like me, or if you think I’m a flake or if you think I’m something else.  Don’t want to waste your time!