Voles in lawns

If you’ve ever encountered what appeared to be “miniature trails” within your lawn, you may have stumbled upon the territory of a vole.
Voles are small native mammals, weighing 1-2.5 ounces, which feed on grasses, small trees, and shrubs. Though they typically make their home in the wild, they sometimes establish within lawns and ornamental landscapes.
The picture below is that of a zoysia lawn that I was recently on, and it shows paths that were created by “meadow voles”. The damage to the lawn is insignificant, as damaged areas will regenerate.

2014-02-02 12.32.06

Vole trails are typically not as clear as those pictured, which is why I couldn’t resist taking the photo.
On occasion, the damage that voles can impart on shrubs when feeding can be significant. However, their numbers are typically kept in check by predators, keeping damage levels low.

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