About SongBird LandCare

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SongBird LandCare is located in McDonough, Georgia.  We offer Lawn Care, Tree Care and Invasive Plant Control services.

Lawn Care and Tree Care services are offered to areas in Atlanta’s southern crescent.  Invasive Plant Control services are offered to areas within a fifty mile range of McDonough, Georgia.

I incorporated SongBird LandCare in October 2011, after twenty-five years in the Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care Industry.  Through those years, my appreciation for certain practices popularly referred to as “organic”, has grown.  Those practices are combined with modern synthetic products and practices in such a way as to provide effective treatment in a sustainable and environment conscious way.

Brian Arnold


Certified Arborist No. SO-1892A

Brian Arnold


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Georgia, August, 1987

Major: Ornamental Horticulture


Certified Arborist: International Society of Arboriculture (#SO-1892)

Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator: Georgia Department of Agriculture

    • Category No. 24 – Ornamental and Turf Pest Control
    •         Category No. 23 – Forest Pest Control
    •         Category No. 26 – Aquatic Pest Control
    • Category No. 27 – Right of Way
    • Category No. 33 – Demonstration and Research
    • License No. 01035


Past President, Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council (SE-EPPC)

Board Member, Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council (GA-EPPC)


Member, GA, SE, and Natl Exotic Pest Plant Council’s

Member, International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

Member, Georgia Urban Forest Council (GUFC)

Member, Georgia Urban Ag Council (UAC)

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