Tree & Shrub Care

Tree & Shrub Care consists of three components: Systemic Insecticide, Inspect & Treat, and Deep Root Therapy.

Systemic Insecticide

Systemic insecticide is applied at roots of plants and is translocated throughout all plant tissue, providing long lasting control of target pests.  Due to the residual property of the treatment, the need for repetitive spraying for respective pests is eliminated, thereby reducing environmental impact and costs.

Systemic treatment is very effective in control of difficult pests including whiteflies, soft scales and others.

Inspect & Treat

Landscape trees and shrubs are inspected for insect and disease, and treated as needed for control.  “Preventative” treatments may be included as needed.

Deep Root Therapy

A biologically healthy root zone environment is essential to sustaining healthy plants, and significantly reduces likelihood of insect or disease problems.

Deep Root Therapy improves the root zone environment by incorporating:  Organics to feed the biological system of the soil and root environment, Fertilizer to aid nutrition, Beneficial Microorganisms that influence nutrition and root efficiency, Soil Surfactant to improve movement of water into soil and aid moisture conservation.

The Deep Root Therapy is superior to traditional fertilization as it actually improves the plant environment, thereby improving tolerance to drought and other stress.

While it is customary, and usually recommended, to include all three components, specific components can be excluded if warranted.

Though the program provides efficient care where possible, plants are living organisms and are therefore vulnerable to certain maladies, including certain pests, for which no control has yet to be discovered.

Control of wood boring insects and certain “exotic” pests may require additional charge.

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